International Railway Journal - Gran Canaria Seeks LRT Solution - Brief Article

A LIGHT rail line eventually running 65.2km along the east coast of the Spanish island of Gran Canaria in the Canaries has been proposed by the local council. El Tren de la Isla Gran Canaria (TGC) would run from Arucas in the north, via Las Palmas and the airport, to Maspalomas in the south. Cost of the double-track line, including 25 light rail units at Pesetas 400 million ($US 2.5 million) per unit, is estimated at Pesetas 54 billion.

The line has been proposed as part of a transport integration policy designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve the environment. It is estimated that the line would initially carry 14.5 million passengers, of which 5 million would be people attracted from their private vehicles. The line would carry about 21 million passengers annually by 2020.

The first section to be built, the 15.1km section between Arucas and Las Palmas would include 7.5km in tunnel, 1.1km elevated, and 6.5km at grade. The 50.1km Las Palmas-Maspalomas section would have 6.8km in tunnel, 3.6km elevated, and 39.7km at grade.

A feasibility study has been conducted, but a timetable for construction has yet to be announced.

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